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Pasadena, Calif., April 18, 2016-- Meditope Biosciences, Inc., a preclinical biotechnology company developing novel antibody-based products using its proprietary technology, today announced the presentation of data demonstrating the ability of its SnAP technology platform to facilitate cell surface receptor crosslinking and enhance antibody internalization. The data were presented in a poster session at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2016, April 16-20 in New Orleans.

"These data highlight additional commercial applications for our unique SnAP technology, showing that meditope-enabled antibodies using SnAP are a site selective way to attach molecules to antibodies, without interfering with normal antigen binding. Further, SnAP-induced crosslinking can promote enhanced internalization, facilitating antibody mediated cell death and cell signaling modulation, " said Elisabeth Gardiner, Meditope Biosciences' Chief Scientific Officer and an author of the abstract. "We are highly encouraged by these results as we seek to advance our first antibody drug conjugate (ADC) product candidate into the clinic."

SnAP technology (Site-specific novel Antibody Platform) enables antibodies to bind to specific peptides called "meditopes," an ability that can be used to facilitate receptor crosslinking when meditope-enabled antibodies are bound to cell surface receptors. The poster presented at AACR, titled "Utilization of Meditope Biosciences SnAP Technology to Enhance Antibody Internalization" (Abstract #598) summarized an internalization experiment demonstrating how meditope-enabled antibody-to-antibody crosslinking leads to enhanced internalization.

In the experiment, scientists demonstrated that the affinity of meditope-enabled antibodies (trastuzumab, anti-HER2, and gemtuzumab, anti-CD33) for cell surface receptors resulted in the formation of an antibody receptor complex detected by flow cytometry and gel filtration. The binding of a specific crosslinking meditope peptide to a meditope-enabled antibody receptor complex results in accelerated internalization of the complex. As a result, specific cell signaling events are more efficiently modulated in the presence of a crosslinking meditope peptide complex as compared to the antibody alone.

Meditope Technology Reviewed in AACR CME Program Additionally, the meditope enablement technology was reviewed in a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program at the AACR Annual Meeting 2016 by Calin D. Dumitru, M.D., Ph.D., Meditope's Vice President of Translational Research. The session specifically focused on the technical enablement and structural analysis of meditope-enabled anti-CD33 antibodies.

About Meditope Biosciences, Inc.

Meditope Biosciences is a preclinical biotechnology company developing novel antibody-based cancer products using its SnAP technology (Site-specific novel Antibody Platform). Discovered at City of Hope, a National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, SnAP has the potential of turning any antibody into a proprietary, site-specific "LEGO-like" system that is able to attach and detach nearly anything to an antibody without the need for chemical conjugation. Meditope's SnAP technology has the potential to advance the antibody market by producing an array of new therapeutic and diagnostic products. Visit

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