Meditope Biosciences is pursuing a comprehensive partnering strategy to leverage the many dimensions of our novel SnAP - Site-specific novel Antibody Platform - technology.

While we are using SnAP to develop a pipeline of novel antibody-based cancer therapeutics, we recognize that partnerships enable revolutionary technologies to be adopted more broadly and efficiently. We are interested in a range of industry and academic alliances to develop new antibody-drug conjugate products and help us to maximize the potential of our SnAP technology.

SnAP technology can be readily used on existing antibodies or incorporated into new antibody development efforts. It offers a simple solution for otherwise expensive and complex production and addresses purification challenges associated with antibody-based products. We are also interested in facilitating the exploration of all potential applications for our technology—from imaging and diagnostics to antibody manufacturing.

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Product Development

Learn about how we are applying SnAP to develop a new generation of oncology antibody-drug conjugates.

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