Other Applications

By turning antibodies into a "Lego-like" system, SnAP technology offers limitless mix and match opportunities for adding functionality to an antibody or creating new ways to work with antibodies. Wherever an antibody or, more specifically, a Fab region fragment is being used, SnAP technology can be applied. Some areas beyond ADCs include:

  • Bi-Specific Antibodies— Using a multivalent meditope-connector piece to simply snap two different antibodies to each other, a 'bi-specific' strategy can be achieved without complicated antibody reengineering.
  • Pre-targeted Imaging— Taking advantage of the non-covalent, yet specific, nature of SnAP technology, a true pre-targeted approach to imaging can be achieved, mitigating the issues associated with longer circulation time of antibodies and longer time for antibodies to settle on their target as compared to the much shorter half-lives of radiolabels used for PET imaging.
  • Theranostics— By harnessing the non-covalent, yet specific, nature of SnAP, a real mix and match approach can be used to identify cancer cells and then treat them. The antibody can be used to target the cells using a meditope attached to a radiolabel, fluorescence or any type of 'tracer.' Once cancer cells are found by the cancer-targeting antibody, a meditope attached to any appropriate therapeutic payload can then be delivered.
  • Manufacturing/Purification of antibodies— Meditope-enabled antibodies can be more efficiently purified using a meditope purification column instead of a Protein A column, which requires a harsh acid wash to elute the antibodies. A meditope with modified affinity or pH-sensitivity could replace Protein A, to allow for a much gentler elution resulting in greater yields.
  • Antibody-based research tools— More accurate, efficient and cost-effective antibody-research tools can easily be designed for any imaginable need by mixing and matching meditope pieces to meditope-enabled antibodies using our SnAP technology.

Carving a New Space

Learn about how our SnAP technology creates a unique binding site within the Fab region that adds functionality to monoclonal antibodies.

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