Meditope Biosciences is revolutionizing the use of monoclonal antibodies. Our proprietary SnAP technology - Site-specific novel Antibody Platform - leverages a naturally occurring space in an antibody and carves it into a binding site.

The result is a powerful technology platform that transforms antibodies into a "Lego-like" system, allowing for nearly anything imaginable to be easily, consistently, and controllably attached. SnAP enables the addition of limitless functionality to any monoclonal antibody, without affecting its ability to bind to a target.

Driven by creativity and passion, we are a unique biotechnology company with the technology, team and strategy to succeed.

Our SnAP Technology

Meditope's SnAP technology is a two-piece system that enables nearly anything imaginable to be snapped onto an antibody. It includes a "keyhole" carved out of a site in the Fab region and a small "key" or "meditope," which plugs in tightly and non-covalently.

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What is a Meditope?

Derived from the Latin medius for middle and the Greek topus for place, a "meditope" typically takes the form of a small peptide and is the "key" to our platform technology.

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Meet Our Team

Meditope is bringing together a unique, talented group of professionals with extensive experience in the biotechnology and technology industries.

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Our Pipeline

We are initially focused on deploying SnAP to create antibody-drug conjugates ("ADCs") for oncology to address areas of the greatest unmet medical need.

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