Meditope Biosciences

Meditope Biosciences is a unique early-stage biotechnology company based in Southern California and built on a strong foundation of a groundbreaking technology, a robust patent portfolio, and a sound business strategy. Driven by a spirit of creativity and collaboration, we are revolutionizing the field of antibodies through a new platform technology known as SnAP - Site-specific novel Antibody Platform – which we have exclusively licensed from the City of Hope.

Formed in 2012, Meditope Biosciences is now in transition from an emerging biotechnology company to an early drug discovery company as we move towards advancing our own products into the clinic. With an initial focus on using our proprietary SnAP technology in areas of the gravest unmet medical need, we are dedicated to developing innovative antibody-based cancer therapeutics.

Drawn by a passion for the SnAP technology and all the innovative potential that it represents, the Meditope Biosciences' team represents a remarkable blend of breadth and depth of experience. We are committed to carving a new space in antibody design and improving the lives of patients and their families with potentially better, cheaper, and safer antibody based products.

Carving a New Space

Learn about how our SnAP technology creates a unique binding site within the Fab region that adds functionality to monoclonal antibodies.

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