About SnAP

Meditope Biosciences' SnAP - Site-specific, novel Antibody Platform—technology is carving a new space in antibody design by turning antibodies into a "Lego-like" piece that can be combined with other pieces to expand functionality by easily 'snapping' anything imaginable on to (or off of) an antibody.

SnAP Creates Limitless Options for Antibody Design

The technology is based upon the discovery that a naturally occurring pocket of space in the Fab region of antibodies can be engineered to accommodate another molecule, typically a small peptide, directly into that space. Because it nestles itself in that pocket of space, we call that molecule a "meditope" derived from the Latin medius for middle and Greek topos for place.

Using our patented SnAP technology, any antibody can be "meditope-enabled" by switching out a few amino acids in that pocket of space in the Fab region. Our proprietary technology also includes the meditopes, designed to fit into that enabled pocket or 'middle place.' Once an antibody is enabled, meditopes of varying affinity can be designed to fit with specificity. Neither the meditope-enablement of the antibody nor the binding of a meditope (with or without a payload) to the meditope-enabled antibody interferes with the antibody's ability to attach to its target.

Film Clip: What is a Meditope?

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